a very big typhoon

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a very big typhoon is coming. i'm not sure but it's time that the typhoon is most nearest here.
i think that Osaka is not friendly with typhoon. my oldest memory about typhoon is the time when i was 6 or 7 or 8 years old, maybe 7. we had a very big typhoon and a flood at that time. rain water was stored at a crossroads. road equipment was not so good as present.
anyway, my girlfriend, or should i say i am her boyfriend, got 4-day holidays from today and is going to her hometown Toyama. i'm very worried about it because, you know, under the such weather who doesn't worry about it? i emailed her several times but no reply. i am really worried about her.
last night, i was watching candlelight. i suddenly remembered that i really liked candlelight and its atmosphere. why could i forget it? i asked to myself many times about many things these days. i really forgot so many things. i want to be myself. i like candlelight, making coffee, writing letters, cooking something delicious, smelling the aroma of Earl Grey and so on.
there was another typhoon inside me and i'm going to be myself again.