lost in translation

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i watched the movie called "lost in translation" and it was really nice. i like it.
an almost 50-year-old male Hollywood movie star comes to japan to take a commercial film for whisky. he cannot understand what japanese people saying completely even if it's in English. he is alone. he cannot sleep well at night.
an around 25-year-old american female stays at same hotel in Tokyo. she comes to japan with her husband who is a photographer and comes to Tokyo for a job. they sleep together at night but in daytime she is alone. she also cannot sleep well at night.
it's the movie about their contact. it's too easy expression.
they are strangers. oh i remember a sentence; people are strange when you are a stranger.
Tokyo is not a place they stay long. so their contact also doesn't go on. she has uneasiness about her own life, she cannot know what she should do. she also feels uneasy about her marriage.
he is also not happy with his life. he knows that he should take a movie, not a commercial film. when he feels lonely he calls his wife but she doesn't worry about him, she talks about a carpet for a library. "which color is fit?" like that.
they drink together, talk each other, go to see her friends and drink with them, go to karaoke and sing a song, watching old movie in his room.
it's not love or it's love.
there is very slight heart shaking only. this is the movie about slight heart shaking inside lonely people when they meet another lonely people. there is no love, no obvious relationship. that's why i really like this movie.
soundtrack is nice, too.