Nov. 28, the day of TOEIC exam

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i was talking about my TOEIC score, which is 770, to my Korean friend mija.
she said to me "so when will you write TOEIC exam next?", i answered nothing at that time.
next day, we were talking about other things and then she asked to me about it again.
"How about November?" she said.
i checked TOEIC website, i found November 28 is the day of exam. i said to her i can take it on November 28.
the reason why she asked to me to take an exam is that she wanted a company to study with. she also checked exam schedule in Korea and then found November 28 is the day.
we said to each other "Nov. 28! same date!"
so, we decided to take TOEIC exam on Nov. 28 in Japan and Korea. isn't it a little bit interesting?
i am asking to my girl friend to join us. how about you? join us in Nov. 28? let's study hard!